Get a Phone Contract Even with Bad Credit

Just because your credit rating is on the negative side doesn’t mean you can no longer snag a phone contract deal. It may be more difficult to get approved for one but it’s still possible. You’ll just need to try a few tricks to convince your carrier that you’re worth giving a try. Here are some things you can do to improve your chances for approval:

Choose a less expensive handset

Forget about getting the latest handset for now. Since you’re trying to convince your carrier to approve your application, you’ll be better off choosing a less expensive handset for your plan. Sticking with a budget or cheap handset will lower your monthly fee consequently lowering the risks for your carrier. In case you need help with choosing the right handset, click here.

Find the best bundle plan

To ensure approval, you’ll have to choose the right bundle plan. You can only do that if you take your time to accurately consider your monthly needs. If you have previous phone bills, you can use those for basis. Otherwise, you’d want a bundle plan that can meet your call, text and data needs to a tee if possible. You’d also want to keep your data plan at minimum to keep the monthly cost at a reasonable range.

Negotiate with your carrier

Another way to negotiate with your carrier to approve your application is to offer to pay a larger upfront fee. This is applicable if you’re really after the latest handset. Let’s say you want the latest Samsung Galaxy unit. Since the phone is expensive, you can lower the cost by paying for a large part of the phone’s cost. If you can afford to pay 50% of the phone’s cost or more, you can offer to do that. This will lower the monthly cost as well as improve your approval chances.

Back up your application with a guarantor

If you’re like most people who can’t afford to pay for a larger upfront fee, you can try this trick instead. You can bring a guarantor who is willing to co-sign the contract agreement with you. With the help of the guarantor, the carrier wouldn’t need to worry about risks anymore. Even if you can’t repay the monthly fees, the carrier has the guarantor to go after in any case. Just make sure your guarantor is eligible. This means he or she should have a good credit score.

Bring your own phone

If the aforementioned tricks wouldn’t apply for your situation, you can always try the old fashioned way. You can bring your own phone and apply for a SIM only contract instead. Since you won’t need to pay for a new handset, the monthly fees will be significantly cheaper. You’ll still avail great deals on your bundle plan but without the high cost. Best of all, there are now SIM only deals with no contracts attached to it. You can get out of the plan anytime you want.

Apply for a no credit check phone

Another alternative you can consider as last resort is to apply for a no credit phone contract. With this type of deal, there’s no need to worry about your poor financial history. The deals are specifically offered for people who can’t avail a phone contract from other carriers. You’ll just need to meet the basic requirements and your application is often guaranteed for approval.