Who can apply for a no credit check phone?

If you have bad credit and you’ve been having a difficult time getting approved for a contract phone then a no credit check phone is a handy alternative. Everyone who’s ever been refused a contract phone due to poor credit or financial history is welcome to apply for a no credit check phone. Make sure you’re of legal age and have a steady stream of income for quick approval.

What are the required documents I need to bring?

Documents required when applying for a no credit check phone are pretty basic. You need to bring your IDs with photos, billing address details and proof of income.

Can I choose any handset?

BGOP Phones offers an exciting selection of mobile phones you can choose from. You are free to choose any handset you want. For guaranteed approval, however, we recommend choosing your handset and bundle plan carefully. It may be best to choose from our recommended deals for quick and easy approval.

Is it possible to upgrade my handset or package?

Yes, you are welcome to upgrade your handset or plan package provided that you’re close to completing the contract. You can call customer service to know if you’re eligible for the upgrade.

How do I pay for my monthly fees?

There are several ways to pay for your monthly fee. You can do it over-the-counter or through your bank. BGOP Phones recommend customers to set-up an automatic debit deduction with your bank for convenience. With this type of arrangement, you never have to worry about missing a payment anymore.

Do you guarantee 100% approval?

While we do not guarantee 100% approval, we can promise customers to help you find a suitable deal you’ll likely get approved. We have a team who’ll carefully assess your financial circumstances. We’ll then offer you recommended deals based on said assessment for guaranteed approval.

When can I expect to receive my handset?

Once your contract phone application has been approved, you can receive your handset within 24 to 48 hours. The handset will be shipped to your billing or shipping address and it’s already ready to use.

Do you have hidden fees?

We have different types of fees and charges related to your contract phone that are disclosed prior to your application’s approval. For a more detailed look on these charges and fees, we suggest that you take your time to read the small print for more information.

What happens if I can’t pay the monthly fees?

In case you find yourself financially strapped and you are unable to repay the monthly fee, you can contract BGOP Phones immediately. We can assess your situation and come up with a solution or a new arrangement if necessary. Failure to contact to us may mean hefty charges and fees. But worse of all, you may put your already poor credit rating in a more difficult spot.